About Plum Borough Municipal Authority

Summary of Operation

The Plum Borough Municipal Authority was created under the Municipality Authorities Act of 1945 and incorporated June 7, 1949 for the purpose of acquiring, holding, constructing, improving, maintaining and operating various projects including water works, water supply and water distribution systems. The Authority merged with the Sewer Authority in 1996 and operates all wastewater collection and treatment projects with in Plum Borough.

The Water Department operates primarily a distribution system and purchases water from the Municipal Authority of Westmoreland County for resale to its customers. The Plum Borough Municipal Authority operates the High School pump station which is located on Leechburg Road. The Authority maintains and operates six storage tanks which hold 250,000 gal. to 2 million gal. The Water Department has approximately 9,800 customers with 9,700 of those being residential. Approximately 70% of the Authority's water lines are over 20 years old. The Authority has a capital improvement plan in place and has been replacing the older lines throughout the Borough.

The Sewer Department operates a sewage treatment facility and maintains a sewage transmission system within the Borough of Plum servicing approximately 10,000 customers. The Authority has one treatment facility: the Holiday Park STP-designed to treat 1.52 MGD. The Holiday Park plant recently has undergone an $8 million renovation. The Plum Creek area of Plum sewage transmission lines are maintained by the Municipal Authority with the treatment at the Penn Hills Plum Creek Plant. Approximately 5,000 customers are located in the Plum Creek watershed. The Authority has a sewer line maintenance program and requires testing of private laterals upon resale.

PBMA Organizational Diagram

PBMA Organizational Diagram